Lock and Load Off road has been long in the making but was officially founded in December of 2012. It all started with a a group of enthusiasts brought together by our love of Jeeps and made friends by a multitude of other hobbies, our strong support of the 2nd Amendment rights, and the thought that an apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) would require a bit of preparation to successfully navigate. As time passed, we came to a realization that we share more than interests and the firm belief that the dead should stay dead. We wanted to start a club, to offer like minded individuals a facility to be more self reliant in troubling times. To learn the skills they would need to help themselvs and their community. As such, we firmly believe that the first concern of any club should be what it can do for the community, the sponsors and the vendors.

So while some JK wheels were being painted in the garage, Lock and Load Off Road was born.

We’re more than just a off-road club or a gun club. Lock and Load Off Road holds three official events every quarter: A wheeling event, a gun/prep event and a social event. Most of the club events are family-friendly, however adult-only rides and shooting events are sprinkled throughout the year to keep things interesting and give the adults a chance to just be adults – or as close to it as they are willing to get without kids around to keep them in check.